Opening up on starting up

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.38.20

This was me in July while filming a video on my last project in London. Our idea was to tell a story about our experience in a very unusual project, compared to anything else I’d done in the bank I’d worked for since 2005. It was, in essence, a start-up venture but with a very vague remit.

Here in Bali, I’m once again in virtually the exact same position, except this time I don’t have my mate Frank here. I mention him as I have come to realise over the last four years that working alone is a really tough gig, especially when the task is murky. But, when there’s two people, it’s a more honest and realistic situation.

This year I have detected a shift towards being open and sharing ideas. I’ve seen it in London’s start-up scene and it’s permeating new ventures like Tribewanted, which I am joining here in Ubud next month. Importantly too, my experience at Hubud and with the Balinese people these last two and a half months, has also been one of openness.

So, I’m opening up with my thoughts (and no doubt some fears) as a personal challenge as I fly solo and as an experiment into thinking by blogging. I’ll be telling the story as I go rather than waiting for the end.

I hope you’ll be brave enough to tell me exactly what you think!

Andy in Ubud


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